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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Enjoy those Eggs

We all have been told for years to watch our egg consumption and limit our cholesterol to 300 mg a day.  That equates to 1.7 eggs a day.  For those of us who love eggs, this restriction was not met with enthusiasm.   Eggs have a lot to offer, the highest quality protein there is, and many vitamins and minerals.  And very low in calories, one large egg having only 60 calories. 

But this week, nutrition experts have lifted their egg restriction.   The committee is called the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which now says Americans no longer have to avoid high cholesterol foods like eggs and shrimp.  Why?  After a lot of research, they have found dietary cholesterol has little impact on our blood cholesterol.  At least for most people.  (Some, those whose cholesterol levels rise after eating eggs and foods high in cholesterol, will still need to restrict their dietary cholesterol.) 

The committee stated, “Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern. 
And, “available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and [blood] cholesterol.”

The experts have found that it isn’t eggs or shrimp that raise our blood cholesterol but the type of fat we eat and refined carbs.  The American Heart Association notes that our blood cholesterol levels are more influenced by consumption of foods high in saturated fat. 

Based on these new guidelines, we can once again enjoy our scrambled eggs, omelets, and fried egg sandwiches.  (I fry my eggs in olive oil or Pam which are heart healthy.) 

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