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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why Love Exercise?

Many of us hear the word “exercise” and we groan.  But simple walking is exercise.  But to be healthy we need to add some aerobic exercise to our routine.   Why aerobic exercise?
  1. Heart – our hearts are a muscle and as such we can strengthen our heart muscle with aerobic exercise.  This will increase the size of your heart and make it stronger and pump more efficiently.  An athlete has a heart that is about a third larger than a normal heart because they have strengthened their heart muscle. 
  2. Cardiac efficiency – a stronger heart pumps more blood with each beat.  This delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your cells. 
  3. Heart rate – a stronger heart pumps more blood with each beat so it needs to beat less.  This gives you a lower heart rate which Is good for your heart and your health.  Your heart just doesn’t have to work as hard to get oxygen and nutrients to the cells in your body.
  4. Exercise recovery – do a sprint and one gasps for air.  With a stronger heart your recovery from exercise is faster.
  5. Blood pressure – aerobic exercise helps you keep your blood pressure lower. 

So think of ways to get some aerobic exercise into your weekly routine.  Biking, an aerobics class, running, speed walking one to two blocks then walking at a normal pace for one to two blocks and repeat.  There are many ways to get your heart pumping to strengthen your heart muscle. 

Source:  5 Reasons to Love Exercise, Berkeley Wellness Letter, Sept.  2012  Image Source:  Heart

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