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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Making resolutions for 2014?

Many people make resolutions with great intentions, but then forget them soon after the new year has begun.  In the gym I am a member of, there is always an influx of people in January with their good intentions.  But fewer in February and by April, we are back to the usual customers.  One resolution many people make is to lose weight.  Already not a good resolution as the goal should be specific with a specific time frame.  A better resolution would be to lose 5 pounds by April 1.  A realistic goal and one many who are overweight could achieve.  Who would make a resolution of “I won’t gain any more weight this year.”   Never hear about that resolution.  But there is research to show that may be a good resolution to make.
One group of researchers (JAMA Internal Medicine) had African American women focus on weight maintenance and wellness.  Their motto for this group was “maintain, don’t gain”.   Another group in the study focused on just wellness.   The weight maintenance group was provided assistance with goal setting, calls monthly from a registered dietitian, and a gym membership.   Although the focus was on weight maintenance, this group dropped more weight than their peers.  At 6 months after the year, those who lost weight, kept it off. 
In college I my nutrition professor maintained a good weight.  Then she went on a convention so class wasn’t held for that week.  When she came back she shared that she had gained 5 pounds the previous week.  So she said matter of factly, “So now I will lose 5 pounds.”  She noted they wouldn’t be having apple pie for dessert for a while.  How many people would benefit from setting a weight, that they decide to keep.  When they gain some weight, they lose it, long before that weight becomes 10, 20, 30 or more pounds?
Another research article focused on breakfast.  What if one of our resolutions was to:  Eat Breakfast Every Day.  That would be a good healthy habit and it could help one maintain or lose weight.  Especially if that breakfast included some protein.  This research study found that those who ate a big breakfast actually lost twice the amount of weight as the other group in the study.  Not only that, but they lost 2x the inches from their waistlines.  (Obesity, online, July 2, 1013).
So make some New Year resolutions.  Two to start with are:
Maintain, Don’t Gain this year

Eat Breakfast Every Day 

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