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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Going on a road trip this summer? What are some healthy snacks to pack or purchase?

Many of us will be hitting the road this summer.  Trips to the beach, trips to the mountains, trips to visit far off relatives.  Packing some snacks is a great idea, but what are some healthier choices?  Or if you didn’t bring or run low on snacks, what are some healthier snacks you can purchase on the road?

Pack some healthy snacks for the road:

  •  Fruit – apples, oranges, bananas,small boxes of raisins, dried fruits
  • whole grain crackers like Triscuits,  Wheat Thins
  • trail mix made with nuts and fruits
  • granola bars (look for whole grain bars).
  • Popcorn – buy some 100 calorie single servings, pop it and store in a baggie.
  • Nuts – we pack a small can of lightly salted mixed nuts.  A handful makes a great snack.
  • Celery sticks and some peanut butter (Jif to Go – makes peanut butter in to go cups
  • Cereal – choose whole grain cereals, pack a baggie of Wheat Chex mixed with raisins, or some Cheerios
  • Water – bring some bottled water and some drink packets such as Crystal Light for a refreshing drink on the road.

 Need to make a pit stop?  What are some healthier snack options you can buy?

On a road trip with my daughters we stopped for gas and some snacks.  There are so many healthier options for snacks at gas stations then there used to be.  What would be some healthier snacks to pick up the next time you are on a road trip? 

string cheese sticsk
  • String cheese– usually only 50 to 80 calories and high in protein
  • Fruit, Cheese and crackers – many places like WaWa, 7-11 have some healthier options like fruit, cheese and crackers in small packs
  • Fruit – many places offer fresh fruit cut up in small serving packs - apple slices already cut up with or without the peel, fresh fruit cut up in small containers, bananas
  • Eggs – hard boiled eggs are low in calories – about 80 per egg, and a good source of protein
  • Nuts – a small bag of nuts is a healthy snack choice
  • Yogurt –choose one that is low fat.
  • Beverages – choose water, unsweetened 100% fruit or vegetable juice or low fat milk.
  • apple slices in a package


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