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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Carbohydrates are good for you. Guest Author Andrea Strother

    A lot of people in the United States of American probably hear all their lives that “carbohydrates are bad for you” or “you shouldn’t have carbs in your diet”.  Well, these statements are false.  I am here to explain to you why carbohydrates are goof or you and why it's necessary to have them in your diet.

     The statement “carbohydrates are bad for you” is semi true.  The “bad” carbs are the not so healthy carbs that you should stay away from.  And, yes, I did say “bad” carbs.  There are ‘good” carbs and ‘bad” carbs.  The “good” carbs are the carbs you want to intake daily.  They consist of fruits, vegetables, bread, and other grains, especially whole grain, and milk and milk products.  The “bad” carbs are what you want to stay away from.  They consist of white flour and foods with added sugars such as sodas, candies, cakes, etc.  (1).  Another fact why “good” carbs are important is for elderly people .  On the Mayo Clinic website, it stated that a good intake of “good” carbs can help lower their risk of becoming cognitively impaired (2).  I’m not telling you to stay away from the “bad” carbs completely, just make sure you limit the intake of these carbs.
    In conclusion, carbohydrates are good for you and you should have them in your diet, but limit the “bad” carbs.  Carbs also help us get the energy that we need to last through our busy days.  And for the elderly, it helps them lower their risk of becoming cognitively impaired.  

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