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Friday, July 6, 2012

Nutrition in the News

Is Coffee Healthy?

Do you drink coffee? Does coffee have any health benefits? Yes, it does according to a report by the Harvard School of Public Health. Two recent studies have noted the health benefits of drinking your morning cup of coffee.

 One study led by a research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health (Elizabeth Mostofsky) found that one to two cups of coffee a day can lower our risk of heart failure by 11%. Of course, overindulging in coffee has harmful heart effects but one to two cups can be beneficial or our heart health.

 A second study conducted by Jiali Han a professor of epidemiology at Harvard, noted that reported by Harvard looked at people who drank 3 or more cups of coffee a day. They found that this amount of coffee protected one from basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) and lowered one’s risk of getting basal cell carcinoma by 20%. Unfortunately for those who like decaf, there was no benefit as it seems the protective ingredient in coffee is the caffeine. Not a coffee drinker. Well you are in luck as caffeine is also in chocolate and cola. The researchers found that the caffeine in chocolate and cola also lowered one’s risk of basal cell carcinoma.

 The list of coffee’s health benefits keeps growing. Previous studies have indicated coffee lowers one’s risk of Type 2 diabetes and even Parkinson disease. Han told, "I think we're seeing more and more evidence for the beneficial effects of coffee consumption….I wouldn't recommend drinking coffee solely based on this work, but it does add one more thing.” Having a cup of coffee this morning? Enjoy it and know that it may be good for your health.

 Read the ABCNews article on coffee and skin cancer at:
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